This upcycling challenge is TOUGH.

Just a quick update as I haven’t posted in ages. I have been sewing, lots! I’ve got a few photos to post soon of recent upcycles, including my favourite, a massive pair of tartan curtains that have been given new life as a dress for an important event at the end of the month. But… Continue reading This upcycling challenge is TOUGH.


The Challenge · Upcyling

Slipped Discs, Crochet, and finding my sewjo…

2016 hasn’t been overly kind to me so far. January brought a mighty chest infection, February served up a slipped disc, and I started March with shingles on my face. So sewing, BrawHem, and the blog have all taken a back seat while I recover. It’s only when you injure yourself that you realise how physical… Continue reading Slipped Discs, Crochet, and finding my sewjo…

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No Sew Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art

A lot of fabric upcycling is focused on sewing, rather obviously. However! I don’t feel that giving your clothes a second life (or third, or fourth) should be limited to those of us with a sewing machine, or that can hand sew – and I find hand sewing really boring, so let’s avoid that. So… Continue reading No Sew Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art

Charity Shop Tips

Help save the planet, grab yourself a £5 H&M voucher.

I’d heard about the H&M Conscious garment collecting initiative recently, where you can donate old clothes and textiles in return for a £5 voucher, so I thought I’d try it out for myself. Because I sew, I end up with heaps of offcuts, scraps and threads that until recently ended up heading to landfill –… Continue reading Help save the planet, grab yourself a £5 H&M voucher.


Scarf and Vintage Curtain Fringe Top

I was having a look through my fabric collection the other day and stumbled upon a few things I’d forgotten about, including a brilliant vintage piece (looks like it lived a previous life as a curtain) kindly given to me by a friend, and a stash of old scarves I’d promised myself I’d do something with.… Continue reading Scarf and Vintage Curtain Fringe Top

The Challenge · Upcyling

Welcome to Upcycling My Year

After setting up BrawHem earlier this year, it felt appropriate that my New Year’s Resolution would involve sewing, and more specifically, upcycling. So this is my challenge – a whole year of making my own clothes, using only upcycled materials. And you can come along for the (likely rather bumpy) ride. I’ll be sharing my… Continue reading Welcome to Upcycling My Year