This is a quick update to let you know what I’ve done with the rest of the jumper that I made the cosy wrist-warmers from.

I wanted to make as much use of the remaining fabric as possible, and the sleeves were in pretty decent condition (minus the coffee-stained cuffs) so I lopped them off and started figuring out what I’d do. I often work this way – cut first, then play around to figure something out. My partner will ask “What are you doing?” and she regularly gets the reply “Making it up as I go along.” Working this way has resulted in some mega mishaps, but has been a fantastic learning curve. I’m not sure I’d be this brave if I was buying fabric at £15 a metre, so working with pre-loved items gives me the opportunity to try new things without fear of failure. Anything I do muck up I try my best to rectify – if it’s beyond that then I will make sure it gets turned into something else.


And so I figured out how to make a snood. The great thing about working with this style of sleeve is that it isn’t a perfect tube. As you can see from the photo above, it’s wider at one end. This means once it’s sewn up you have a snood that’s nice and deep at the front, but narrower at the back so it doesn’t feel stifling around the back of your neck, and doesn’t mess up your hair too much.


I added some buttons leftover from a previous project to add a bit of detail, then took a photo with a daft snow filter to make things feel a little more festive, and ta-dah! A cosy snood.


I was umm-ing and aah-ing over whether to pop this snood in my Etsy shop so someone could snap it up with a matching pair of wrist-warmers. Alas! I decided to keep it. I have a practical black snood that I wear when walking the dogs but it smells like dog, is covered in dog hair, regularly gets soaked with rain and shoved in a pocket with dog treats, and just isn’t ideal for heading out somewhere other than the woods with two chocolate labradors. So this can be my ‘best’ snood. However! I will be on the hunt for jumpers to make more of these to put in the BrawHem Etsy Shop, perhaps as matching snood/wrist-warmer sets. I’ll keep you updated!


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