This upcycling challenge is TOUGH.

Just a quick update as I haven’t posted in ages. I have been sewing, lots! I’ve got a few photos to post soon of recent upcycles, including my favourite, a massive pair of tartan curtains that have been given new life as a dress for an important event at the end of the month.

But now the confession(s).

I bought brand new fabric. It is also for the important event at the end of the month, but with this one I just struggled to find something I could alter or transform that I really wanted to wear, and wanted to be immortalised in photographs that will adorn the mantelpiece for years to come.
That’s one of the tough things about this challenge, finding fabric that is just right. For day-to-day stuff it isn’t a huge issue, but for special events it can be.

Also, pre-loved stretch fabric is near-impossible to find. As a person with a fuller figure I look out for maternity dresses, really large men’s t-shirts etc so I have enough fabric to work with, but they are few and far between.
I did however find a stretch maxi dress which I’m using to make a kind of bra. I have a lot of nerve pain on my back and ribs, so bras are a no-go due to the fiddly fastenings and underwires – which isn’t always great when it comes to wearing certain clothes. So I’m going to figure something out. And the rest of the fabric will be used to extend a t-shirt I love but is a bit on the short side (a common issue when you’re 5ft9).

Another confession is that I’ve picked up a couple of items from a charity shop that I’ve been wearing but haven’t altered in any way. I really should dig out my box of random trims and accessories, and utilise the massive jar of buttons I have to make these items unique. It’s on my to-do list!

So it’s June. And technically I’ve failed the challenge. But you know what, this is all about learning, so I’m going to pick up my scissors and carry on. Perhaps that dress I made from new fabric can itself become an upcycling project – what could it be next?

I’ll post a proper entry with photographs soon. In the meantime – here’s to fucking up and keeping going!



4 thoughts on “This upcycling challenge is TOUGH.

  1. Don’t think of success vs. failure as an all-or-nothing deal. Even if you only manage to be green and upcycle-y 90% of the time, that’s still pretty darned good!


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