About BrawHem


BrawHem came about in unusual circumstances. In March 2014 I became suddenly paralysed from the chest down because of a rare illness called Neuromyelitis Optica. I learned to walk again – woohoo! – but life has been very different since. Unable to work again, unable to drive, I was struggling with boredom and, perhaps inevitably, depression. After mentioning to my mum that I’d been eyeing up a second hand sewing machine, guess what arrived in the post? Yup, my Mum kindly bought me a sewing machine (thanks Mum!).

Unable to afford new fabric, I began creating clothes and household items from old curtains, bedsheets, tablecloths – you name it, if it could be sewn into something new I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I’d trawl local charity shops looking for anything I could transform.

Understanding that what we often see as ‘waste’ or ‘old’ or ‘no good’ actually has a value, can become something new, and needn’t be sent to the scrap heap is really what kicked me into creating handmade items for others – to show, rather than tell, people what can be done with what we often throw away.

I’m proud to say that I’m wearing a pair of curtains, carrying a bag that used to be a pillowcase and have a headband made from an old shirt – and I hope that people who choose to shop at BrawHem will be proud to say the same too.


11 thoughts on “About BrawHem

  1. We have quite a lot in common, I love up-
    cycling, where your mention make clothing from furnishings, I make soft furnishings from clothing. I saved my daughters to make them a patchwork memory blanket each. Look forward to revisiting and reading more of your posts.

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    1. Memory blankets are lovely! My mum recently made one for a friend. I do plan on making a quilt one day, but for now it’s clothing and accessories. Also looking forward to your posts!

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      1. I always make Hallowe’en costumes and very year and made them for my children too. We never bought costumes. To me the fun is in coming up with something yourself so I understand a little.


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will definitely be following your upcycling adventures and hope you will find some things of interest on mine. I thought you might like to take a look at these. https://organisedcastle.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/make-mend-shelving/ and https://organisedcastle.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/re-fashioned-and-ready/

    My blog covers a range of topics but most fall into the categories of simplicity and organisation. I hope you find lots of interest and time to come back and check out new posts. I try to post every day, although that is not always successful.


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